L3O Soaps is based in Firefly, Wisconsin and specialize in small batch cold process soaps. Soapmaking tickles the mad scientist in me along with my deep desire to create things. Soap is uniquely stimulating to multiple senses - touch, smell, sight. A beautiful bar of artisan soap can make a quick shower feel like a break from the daily grind to indulge in self care. It felt like a calling to make nourishing and wholesome soaps for my family and friends without all the unfamiliar and often times unnecessary ingredients in many skincare products. The first priority of L3O soaps is making nurturing , skin-friendly soaps. Keeping the batches small allows me to focus on being creative and on quality over quantity. All L3O soaps are palm-free and made with natural, nurturing oils and butters. The fragrances I use are skin-tested and phthalate-free.